I felt this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge during my trip to New York – was a great representation of building a beautiful, long-lasting, and important connection. Hope to do that with you!

Coaching salespeople & entrepreneurs.  As much as I love investing and owning restaurants, my first love will always be sales and coaching.

In fact, it’s what made buying companies possible in the first place.

If you are interested in coaching to improve your business and sales results, I am accepting a few clients at the moment.

You need to leave your ego (which is the enemy of progress!) at the door. And the topics we explore and re-calibrate will include changing your mindset; maximizing people and tools you already have; creating systems to make profitability sustainable; selling differently and better; and enjoying your business. 

Contact me here.

Deploying a VSA into your business. I’ve been a client of Pro Sulum for five years now, and I can’t think of a more effective and low-cost tool to scale my business and that of my clients’.

With the two VSAs that I have, at $9.50/hour each, I’ve been able to automate 98% of my companies, be more profitable, and enjoy what I do. And my clients have gone international, went public, and been acquired by public companies from the same service.

I’ve recently formed a joint venture with founder Dean Soto on a mission to deploy VSAs into every small business. You can learn more at www.prosulum.com and reply to this message if you’re interested in learning more.