Flip-flop: My new goal in life…to be lazy


This is part of a series called “Flip-Flop” – explained here.


What happens when I get lazy?

My life becomes more enjoyable and productive.

Reading this article helped me to relax, cancel a few meetings and calls, rethink how I do things, and delete a few tasks from my to-do list…and I’m learning to be comfortable with this uncomfortable feeling.

(It’s thanks to Kevin Rose’s monthly email that I found this gem)

This reminds me of my aspiration of “saying ‘no’ to the good, so that I can say ‘yes’ to the great.” It’s so true that when I fill my schedule up with tasks – because I can’t sit still, because free time makes me feel like I’m not being productive, because it’s frowned upon in the workaholics world – I don’t create any white space to do what truly matters.

Taking care of my health. Reading a good book. Writing on my blog. Having a real, in-depth conversation with a loved one. Brainstorming a passion project. Spending time with my family. Helping people in need. Expanding my relationship with God.

I lose “hell yeah” opportunities because I’m so buried with “okay” or “good” opportunities. And the thought of surviving or dying of mediocrity sucks.

I need to change my perception of “laziness.” It should not be a bad word, but a filter for things that matter. It’s actually good for creating processes that make me more effective. The question I try and ask myself moving forward is:

“Because I am lazy and want to do things that truly matter, do I really need to do this? And if I really need to do this, what is the laziest way I can handle this so that I don’t ever have to do it again?”

As Tim Ferriss has taught me, being busy is the true, unhealthy form of laziness – it means you aren’t thinking, you don’t have your priorities straight, and you are avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions.


The picture above is a hammock from the Parker Palm Springs hotel – a favorite spot for my wife and I (where I first asked Christine to be my girlfriend…the rest is history). It was a weekend where we didn’t have the kids, and we did absolutely nothing. And it was the best time of our lives. 


Rest, recharge & redirection 

Good morning to the my audience of three (the blog reader who stumbled on this by accident, my dog Sugar who was sitting on my lap when I wrote this, and myself when I was editing lol!) #sosad

Pastor Rick Warren at my Saddleback Church has always reminded me that in order to know how something works and what the function of something is, you need to consult the Owners Manual. And with that logic, if God is my Creator, then it’d be wise to look to the Bible to see what I was built for and how to use me correctly so that I don’t miss my purpose or harm myself or others.

It’s a combination of being young, immature, and too proud; being seduced to get my guidance elsewhere; and needing to hear it 1,000 times before it seeps in (I’m quite stubborn)…but I never really tried to read the Bible, interpret it, and apply it until recently.

And just like meditation, exercising, etc…it’s been life-changing.

Here’s a Bible verse that I’m going to try and memorize, keep it in my heart, and use it to drive everything I do this week and beyond. Hoping it does wonders for your soul as well, and inspires you to open the Bible so that God can open His mouth.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in the right paths for His name’s sake” (Psalm 21:1-3).

How can I not be comforted and secured by this passage? Not “most” or “some” of my needs are met – ALL of them are…so I can stop looking in all sorts of unhelpful, unhealthy, and unusual places.

We are a product of our environment, and if our surroundings are beautiful (green pastures) and nourishing (still waters) – then we can truly relax.

Many things can recharge my body and mind i.e. Nutritious foods, meditation, exercise – but they are only temporary, and God isn’t about short-term leases. He goes past the physical, mental, and emotional layers of my my being and makes sure my soul revving at 100%. That’s more sustainable and powerful.

And most importantly, he eliminates stress, uncertainty, and lost time and energy by putting me in the right direction.

I truly don’t need to look anywhere else for provision. You can’t get a better deal than this.