SHAFT: More than a bank account

Attachment-1This is part of a journey my family and I are embarking on – in starting, running, and growing a nonprofit organization with a mission that’s dear to our hearts.

You can read the backstory here, and all of the entries here


This past Thursday my wife and I visited our local Chase Bank and opened SHAFT Foundation’s bank account!

This was exciting because we’ve been anxiously waiting to transfer our own tithe over, and to start spreading the word to fundraise.

And apparently God was pretty anxious, too; because after we shared the purpose of our nonprofit while our banker helped us open the account, he called me the next day and said he felt called to donate to what we’re doing on a MONTHLY basis!

SUCH a God thing!

I believe it’s what happens when you take on a project much bigger than you can handle on your own; it forces you to depend on Him, and doing His will His way always gets His support. And it’s also what happens when you don’t keep your work a secret, but put it out there to the universe; it will attract those who care about what you care about, too.

What’s next? Taking inventory of what shoebox supplies we currently have (we’ve lost our garage to those cause lol!) and announcing that our donor contributions are 100% tax free. Some of you will be getting a call/email/meeting request soon =P

We’re so jacked up on what’s to come for this initiative!


Strengthening my meditation muscle

Wanted to share an update to my journey of embedding meditation into my daily life. 

It has been 42 days since I re-started meditation after many failed attempts in the past, and getting this far has been one of my happiest and most fulfilling achievements for 2017. 

I am not patient for an activity like this – my life is filled with non-stop inputs and outputs that come with being a workaholic family guy, career person, and business owner. But I think I’ve grown wiser; heard it being the “secret of success” enough times from high-performance role models I look up to; and reached a point where my current mode of doing things was unsustainable and that something needed to give. 

I started off using the Headspace app on my iPhone, and it was a great entry-level tool to get into meditation. It was free (the first 10 days – and you can do it over and over again, which I did), it was guided by a friendly voice named Andy to keep me focused on the right things, and it wasn’t weird like what you might imagine from the movies (sitting cross-legged, high on a mountain top with strange music lol). 

I did 20 days of the 10-minute guided sessions, and then increased the time to 20 minutes – where it’s 10 minutes of guidance and 10 minutes of pure silence. 

I did this for another 20 days before this week – where now I have stopped using the Headspace app completely and have been on Day 2 of complete silence for 20 minutes. 
I plan on increasing the time to 40 minutes (baby steps) and adding in the weekends (I currently only do it on the weekdays). 

It’s not perfect – there are days when I am so distracted with things I need to do for the day, and times when I actually nod off to sleep lol – but I will say that the benefits have been nothing short of amazing. Time seems to have slowed down for me and I have more of it. I tend to have better focus during my work sessions. I am less reactive and do more important things first. I am making better decisions, or at least responding to bad decisions in a healthy manner with learning lessons and quickly correcting steps. And it’s one of the wins I achieve in the morning that makes the rest of the day a success, regardless of what happens. 

The Headspace app wants you to put both feet on the floor with hands on your lap; I learned from my masseuse that she does it laying down with a rolled up towel under her knees, because she has back pain; and for the last two days I’ve been doing it cross-legged in my car before I head out to work for the day (before the rest of the day steals my quiet time). What I’m saying is that there is no wrong way, everybody’s journey to being more present is different, and that you need to action and try it. 

If you think you don’t have time to do it – like I did – it’s even more the reason that you need it.