Throwback: Tidbits of wisdom from Pastor Rick Warren

This is part of a series called “Throwback” – where I revive journal entries and blog posts written/posted on this very day, years ago.

Written on June 3rd, 2014 (three years ago), after listening to an audio devotional called “Daily Hope”. Pastor Rick Warren’s wisdom is so relevant and powerful for my life. 

  • When you’re thinking about other people over yourself, you’re expressing true humility.
  • Humility is not denying your strengths; it’s being honest about your weaknesses.
  • Degrading yourself is not humility. There is a clear difference. 
  • You can’t serve The Lord on earth directly – you can’t even see Him. The only way to do it is through other people. 
  • Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship; it’s a 110/110, where both sides outdo each other in giving honor.

Surrender to your own mediocrity

This is amazing advice I got from listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast interview with author and super-creative, Cheryl Strayed.

When you accept that you’re not perfect and neither are your contributions to the world, it will instill the humility you need to get help, to stay curious, to desire more knowledge, to gain more perspective, to be grateful when you win, and to accept failure as a necessary ingredient to progress.

It also takes the pressure off of having to do “great” work – pressure that will never get you started; and if you do get started, it won’t be authentic. It will help you to actually take the first step, and actually do the work itself.

Ego and unreasonable expectations are the enemy. Embrace your humanness, get out of your way, and share your passion with the world.