Alarm clock & calendar futility

There will never be “the right time.” Our brain was programmed to protect us and keep us alive – not take chances and thrive us. It doesn’t like uncertainty, instability, or invulnerability; and you are only fooling yourself if you think you can will the brain to go against its hardwiring.

If that’s the case, how do you break out of this mold of just surviving, to pursue your passions that give your life meaning? I mean – it’s scary as heckers to go out of your comfort zone.

It’s about courage. You just need want something more than your fears, and take that first step.

You don’t even need to be confident – it’s super overrated. I’ve learned that most successful people were still scared – maybe even more so – after they took the action.

Don’t make it complicated, don’t over-think it, and don’t expect anything except the fact that you had the guts to do what you’re meant to.


Devotional: Feeling unqualified?

This is part of a series called “Devotionals.”


“Yes, he has hidden himself among the baggage.” (1 Sam. 10:22)

In today’s Marketplace Leaders devotional, Os Hillman uses the story in the Bible where Saul was chosen to be the first king of Israel. And when it was time for the prophet Samuel to onboard him, he was no where to be found – to which God responded to the people questioning his whereabouts that he was hiding among the crowd.

Before all of this Saul had never led anybody – let alone an entire nation; and he had never had to be accountable to God or anyone else, really. He must’ve been so freaked – as he was inexperienced, incapable, and was tempted to stay safe in mediocrity.

But time and time again in the Bible – through Moses, David, even Jesus, etc. – God flies right past experience, knowledge, strength, and capacity – things that this world puts way too much emphasis on – and selects people for roles that they are incapable of achieving without God’s help, and would’ve never in their wildest dreams pursue.

He turns any negative or seemingly unrelated experience into ministry; He equips His chosen ones with unlimited, impossible power; and He directs them to discover and fulfill their purposes.

There are a few appointments in my life that I could easily avoid to ensure certainty, safety, and enjoyment – being a dad, a husband, a son, a multi-organizational worker, etc. But that would be a shallow life with no purpose, no growth, no appreciation, and that’s not what God uniquely made me to achieve.

If Saul chose those values and stayed hidden, Israel would not have thrived and opportunities for a relationship with God would not have happened. Imagine the eternal consequences of that.

If you knew you were meant to live for more than yourself, and that you had a mission that scares you to pieces because it stretches your comfort zone, isn’t in your know-how or muscle, and/or would be shunned by others…remember all of the people before you who have been in the same situation as you, took a leap of faith, and changed history. And remember that your mission is unique only to you, and if you don’t do it, no one else will and the world will be less-off without your contribution.

Live out your calling.

What are you unfit to do?

I was reading Tim Ferriss‘ interview with Dan Carlin in the book “Tools of Titans” (epic book by an epic human, guys – get it), and he said something that stuck with me all morning:

“Don’t be afraid to do something you’re not qualified to do.”

It made me think (and that’s a dangerous thing lol). If I spent my entire life only doing things I was credentialed to do, I would’ve:

  • Remained unmarried because I am not a relationship expert – and have many failed dates and a failed first marriage to validate that.
  • Continued pushing a broom for pay, because I am a college drop out and would’ve been shut out by “bachelors degree required” job listings.
  • Had no kids because I am a child, and not a child psychologist. 
  • Put my aspirations to build and run companies into the trash because I don’t have an MBA or degree to give partners, vendors, or customers any sense of trust. 

The list goes on, for sure. But isn’t living a life you’re qualified to have a scary, unexciting, unfulfilling, and undesirable thing?

Good thing I’m annoyingly curious and stubborn in this aspect, lol, because I’ve done some pretty ignant things before, like:

  • Starting a restaurant with friends who had absolutely no experience; and dropping out of college – my sure shot insurance policy – to scratch that itch. We generated a profit within months and sold it three years later at a profit.
  • Convincing Fransmart – the world’s largest and most reputable franchise development company – to take a chance on employing and training someone who had no degree nor any franchising experience. I built a successful 10-year career out of it and continue to work there.
  • Giving love another shot and marrying the love of my life. 
  • Becoming a dad to two adopted kids and completing the family I never thought I’d have.

The most incredible, life-changing things that have ever happened to me were unplanned and I totally wasn’t prepared or knowledgeable enough at the time; and I’d bet that you are the same.

What are you not fit to do…but want to? Remember that amateurs built the Ark and that professionals built the Titanic…and do it.