Affirmations – 05.07.18

Today I am bold in my thoughts, behaviors, and actions. I will only entertain initiatives that are so big that only God can help me achieve them. I will play along the edges of reality – where I might dangerously slip into disconnected insanity, and accept this risk – in the hopes of being original, authentic, and innovative. I will not play to the middle; I will not play safely. I will do the thing I fear; I will think differently.

Today I am not focused on building my personal brand. I am focused on building others up.


How do I know what to do & NOT to do?

“Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.” (Acts‬ ‭16:6-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

The Apostle Paul’s work in spreading the Good News was – and continues to be – eternally effective; and I can learn a lesson or two (or a thousand) in how to do work that matters and creates massive positive ripples in business, our families and friends, and the nonprofit sector.

One of those powerful lessons is about discernment. I’ve been focused on whether God gives the green light on opportunities I’m contemplating; but it’s equally important – if not more so – to know when He puts a screeching stop sign on on things I shouldn’t be doing. I’m reminded from Pastor Buddy’s and Pastor’s Anthony’s sermon last week at Saddleback Church (#marginmatters series) that one way to figure out the no-go’s is to sense whether I’m being PULLED or PUSHED.

(On a side note – God’s timing on sharing wisdom is always perfect in my life.)

Feeling pulled is one indicator (but not the only signal; it needs to also align with His Word) that God – the Good Shepherd – is shepherding me to Him. Pastor Anthony shared an example of how a baby (that’s us) is at one end of a room and getting up to learn how to walk, and the father (our Heavenly Father) is at the other end cheering him or her toward him. And Pastor Buddy recounts how Jesus was walking on water and encouraging Peter to get out of the boat and follow him. That’s how it should feel.

So if I’m feeling inspired, drawn, and encouraged…I could be on the right track.

Feeling pushed is how the devil tries to move me away from God’s calling. As opposed to being pulled in a certain direction – God’s modus operandi – I would feel guilted, scared, manipulated, and pressured into a decision; and that never ends well.

Today – take one important minute to inventory all of your current and upcoming projects and tasks, and requests for in-person meetings and text/email conversations; and put it through the push/pull filter. It may be life-saving, and you may find yourself dumping a lot of nonessential to-do’s and creating space to make yourself more available to take advantage of amazing callings that you were made for =)

Don’t worry about algorithms

I see people talk about, follow, and stress out over these ever-changing, inconsistent, mysterious, and mythical algorithms on social media and search engines. While there is merit to “cracking the code,” it’s distracting from quality of life and doing real work., and I relate it to short-term betting versus long-term investing.

So what’s long-term investing for your company that has a better chance of paying off now and in the future?

For me, I’d rather just focus on being authentic, operating at the highest level, and delivering immense value. I believe your best customers, investors, and team will find you this way.

This fact that your results are within your control – and not at the mercy of these companies who don’t have your best interests at heart – should be liberating, cleansing, and ridiculously effective.

Affirmations – 05.03.18

I rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances because doing so is God’s will (1 Thess. 5:16-18).

I encourage others today. All of my conversations by in-person interactions, phone calls, text messages, and emails are full of hope, inspiration, positivity, joy, and a smile. They will range from family, friends, and partners I know intimately to complete strangers. I want to make everybody’s lives better than before I entered it; everybody is fighting a battle I know nothing about; and everybody matters.

I prioritize my workload today by maximizing my current investments and projects first before developing new opportunities. I am not distracted by shiny, new objects; the grass is greener where I water it; and Paul didn’t grow his ministry to where it is today without tending to strongholds he already won (the Book fo Acts).

Affirmations – 05.02.18

I scout out, explore, and claim new territories that are aligned with my calling today. I am aware that I will be faced with distractions, uncertainty, failures, impossible odds, lack of experience nor wisdom, and feelings of inadequacy; but I am equipped with countless success stories in the business world and the Bible that are similar to my trials; courage in the face of fear; faith that can move mountains or take out entire armies; support from those who love me; and God’s power and guidance. It’s already a done deal.

I embody patience and humility today. I don’t have all of the answers and I refrain from responding from fear of seeming ignorant or incapable. I am comfortable and happy with “I don’t know;” I’m only trying to please an audience of One – Who doesn’t expect me to have it all together, and in fact prefers that I don’t; and I don’t get sucked into the world’s stupid standards.

I am aware of the temptation to compare myself to others’ wins or exciting activities; and I replace that trap with focus on gratitude for what I have in my life, and a reminder that I have my own path, calling, and definition of success in my life. Jealousy, keeping up with others, trying to outdo others, and the like are simply toxic and prevent the eternally important work that God has commissioned me to do and that only I can do.

Affirmations – 05.01.18

I am focused on fortifying my existing businesses today. I always leave a large margin for new opportunities that the Lord calls me to explore, experiment, and execute; but in addition to their exciting (and eternally effective) mission to spread the Good News in new frontiers, Paul and Barnabas also spent time strengthening their current strongholds, and that’s what I incorporate as well. I am focused on ways to strengthen my partners and vendors; my chain of restaurants; my existing consulting clients; my investors; and my nonprofit initiatives.

I am not tempted by building my house higher today, but by strengthening its foundations.

I dedicate a large margin of my day today to the Lord. I am grateful for the ability to take initiative and work long hours – and they may translate into success for the Kingdom and by the world’s standards. But how I also define success is how closely and often I walk with my Heavenly Father. And part of that is continuing in my mission to read the Bible in a year – because there are so many blessings, promises, and wisdom contained in the Word that I’m missing out on; consult with Him first and often throughout all of my activities; and fasting and being still so that I can hear Him speak and watch Him work.

They say you can tell what’s important to a person by observing how they spend their time; let me prove that God is the most critical thing in my life.

Affirmations – 04.22.18

I am letting God direct my life completely. I’m leaving a large margin in my day in order to be sensitive, stress-free, open, and fully accommodating to what You want me to do. I am loving my wife and kids more. I am more kind to people along my travels today. And I will take away my filters of ego, pride, judgment, opinion, and experience to whatever I am exposed to today – internally and externally.

I incorporate an uncompromising balance between modeling and loving other peoples’ successes, and staying true to God’s definition of prosperity in my life. Inspiration from books, videos, speeches, and conversations are healthy when consumed in moderation; but they become toxic when they eclipse my own story – my own identity – and lead me into the territories of obsession and dependency. I am grateful for positive predecessors that paved the way, and I am focused on seeking my own voice, purpose, self, and definition of success.

I am focused on authenticity. I am preventative of untrue statements that come out of my mouth, and I am not afraid to correct myself when it does happen. I am comfortable with the phrases “I don’t know;” “I struggle with that, too;” “I made a mistake.” I care more about being true down to the depths of my soul than what others think.

Affirmations – 04.20.18

I channel all of my energy on fighting today’s battles only. I don’t dwell on the past nor the future; they only rob me of being present. There are enough wins to gain, celebrate, and enjoy as well as enough challenges to learn from and overcome – just in these 24 hours alone – that will require me at max capacity. God will only equip me with the grace and strength needed for that day – hence his “daily bread” in the Lord’s prayer – so I will not save my energy for an elusive future and exhaust it today, and have faith that tomorrow will have its own provision.

I respond kindly in all interactions – especially in ones I normally don’t give much thought to, and when I’m being attacked or irritated. Proverbs states that doing so avoids wrath; but I also believe that all people deserve to be shown love, it’s a ministry to leave people happier than before they met me, and it opens the doors to new relationships and opportunities.

I am authentic. I don’t pretend that all is okay when things aren’t, and I allow myself to express feelings that I normally contain. Being authentic helps me learn about myself; it allows me to build stronger bonds with others who are in pain or in joy; and it makes me feel truly alive. I crave that sense.

Affirmations – 04.17.18

I am forgoing well-paying projects in exchange for ones that give me valuable experiences, bigger challenges, immense joy, and builds my courage. Money comes and goes, but impact and purpose send ripples past my own sphere and lifetime, and that’s what matters.

I have what it takes. I don’t let current circumstances, human limitations, temporary setbacks, and worldly falsehoods trick me into thinking otherwise. I am made in God’s image, I have unlimited power in Christ, and all works out well for the good.

I make healthy decisions in my eating and exercise regimen today. I have the long-game in mind – and know that since I’m eating ramen with a good family friend today, I am going to do no carbs all day to; I am going to do resistance training tonight with kettlebells and push-ups; and I am keeping myself sustained with activities and high-protein snacks to offset it.

Affirmations – 04.12.18

I am loving and serving right where I am. I don’t have to have all of the answers nor all of the necessary resources to do deep, great work and to show kindness to people. I refuse to wait for “perfect conditions,” “all the facts,” “when I have enough time/money,” “a sign,” and “right after I…” – most of which are false, distractions, and a waste of the gift of NOW.

I am less focused on drive and more aware of what is driving me today. Society likes to glorify someone who is “driven” but forget that addiction; crimes like theft and murder; and fear are committed by driven people as well. I am slowing down, reversing, and making sure that the “gas” in my tank is an inner calling, a love of God, and a love for others before I put my pedal to the metal.

I am a son, today. I tend to be quite busy as a father figure – one who works hard, who provides for the family, and has to be a good role model. But today, I look to my heavenly Father for rest, wisdom, direction, and provision; and get to be a son again – I can trust and depend on Him; I am fearless; I am curious and playful; I am not stressed out, and put problems on God to handle; and I am carried through today’s troubles.