Affirmations – 06.25.18

Today I am focused on getting real work done. I’m committed to only doing things that generate revenue or pursue passion; and I’m resisting the temptation of “business porn” (activities that make my companies look cool, and I THINK I need them, but truly don’t).

Today I am making decisions based on what could be – not what currently is. I see potential outcomes, because that’s what it takes to have vision and faith.

Today I am okay with handling multiple business lines. Where I was relentless before about focusing only one one or two things, I need to accept who I am wired to be and pursue many things that get me excited. Most millionaires have multiple streams of income, and denying variety is denying God’s many different talents, gifts, and interests. I am aware of the difference between passions and distractions.


Affirmations – 06.12.18

Today I take care of the Lord’s house before mine. I put God first and throughout everything I say and do. I find every opportunity to build His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. By doing this, I expect the harvest to be asymmetrical to my sowing, as it’s stated in the Book of Haggai.

Today I spend more time thinking of the right thing to do, more than simply doing things right. I value effectiveness over efficiency.

Today I respond to important emails and text messages – and I make sure they are truly important – with phone calls and voice messages. I am relentless about eliminating the administrative burden and missing context of written messages. I love writing, but I am aware of whether they are a tool or a crutch.

Affirmations – 06.07.18

Today I am jumping off the surface and going deep-sea diving into my work, my passions, my curiosities, and my thoughts. I’m sick of waddling in shallow waters and getting nowhere; and I have decided to be comfortable with the pressure, the unknowns, the loneliness, and dangers – real and perceived (and they’re mostly perceived) in the deep in order to find my true self, actually use the experiences and skills I’ve learned for these very moments, and finding treasure.

Today I steward God’s money in a way that honors Him, serves others, and builds His kingdom. I take inventory of my finances and eliminate unnecessary costs and make investments with asymmetrical risk.

Affirmations – 06.05.18

Today I spend a little longer stewing on mistakes and things that make me unhappy. Those who do not learn from their failures are doomed to repeat them; feeling a healthy dose of pain helps me appreciate things more and grow in compassion; oftentimes these moments preface life-changing events – if I’m aware; and knowing that these moments will happen again, reflecting on their causes will allow me to plan and re-execute them better next time.

Today I focus more on being loving, kind, and true at the core, the root, the base ingredients. Trying to just be good on the surface is fake, doesn’t last, and doesn’t allow me to effectively build the Kingdom.

Today I am not brainlessly performing all of my tasks, but taking a moment to ask: Is this the most important thing I need to be doing right now? Can I find a way to eliminate, automate, and/or delegate it? And if I can’t avoid it, can I find a way to multiply its effectiveness by 10 times? Because of this time invested, I am present and incredibly productive.

Devotional: Avoiding judgment

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned.” (Luke 6:37)

Mother Teresa said: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” I can only choose one of the two options – love or judgment – to occupy my heart.

If I don’t like the feeling of being judged, I need to stay away from judging others. And if I can only house my heart with one tenant – either love or judgement – I should decide on the one that makes God smile, inspires and encourages others, increases compassion, and gives me even more power the more I allow it to stay.

The other occupant doesn’t pay, stinks up the rest of my being, and drains me and others.

For me – I find myself having judgment issues when it comes to my kids (with my unreasonable expectations and lack of compassion) and politicians. If I know this about myself, I need to (1) stop listening to the news – as it’s information overload and negative all-around; and (2) ask myself how I could handle anything with my kids with God’s love.

Impossible to stop growing


I was walking along the streets of New York City not long ago and saw this skyscraper currently in being built.

I am marveled at how new construction can continue in one of the most crowded cities in the world; but this sight sends a wonderful message that regardless of where you are in life – maturity in age, profession, relationships, whatever…you can still make time for change, you can still grow, you can still build upon, you can still tear down and recreate.

If you’re thinking you’re too past your prime in starting a business, leaving your job, trying for different position, taking on a hobby, breaking up a comfortable but toxic relationship, starting a new and better one, reinvigorating your existing ones…I believe it’s just a mental prison with unlocked doors where you can leave at any time, and living in fear instead of love and the courage that comes with it.

Affirmations – 05.29.18

Today I wait for the Lord. I resist going ahead without Him because of impatience, impulse, fear, or thinking I know better. He always has perfect timing; and it’s faith – not works – that achieve success.

Today I am on a killing spree. I eliminate everything that doesn’t spark joy, doesn’t energize me, isn’t truly necessary, doesn’t need to be done by me, distracts me from honoring my goals, and sucks my effectiveness.

A powerful statement by Mister Rogers

Thanks to Kevin Rose’s newsletter, I was able to read this note by Mister Rogers that is so relevant and habit-changing. Hope this fuels your Sabbath and changes your life.

“I don’t think we give that gift anymore (the gift of silence). I’m very concerned that our society is much more interested in information than wonder. In noise, rather than silence…how do we encourage reflection? Oh my, this is a noisy world.”

“I get up every morning at least by 5AM. I have a couple hours of quiet time, reflect about what is important.”

“What can we do, to encourage people to have more quiet in their lives, more silence? Real revelation comes through silence.”

~Mister Rogers

Affirmations – 05.24.18

I am a top-down, macro thinker. I consider the big picture issues and allow them to dominate my preferences and decisions. Minute details are important, but they are lower down the importance scale, and can be ignored, ignored temporarily, delegated, automated, and/or removed from my strategic capacities. I do not stress about the small stuff.

I am ready for conflict – whether they be undesired outcomes, bad news, arguments, accusations, confusions, negative self-talk, misunderstandings, and things that irritate me. These are common; these are opportunities to switch to healthier perspectives, make better decisions, and increase wisdom; and these conflicts are successful if God is on my side. I pause, consult with Him first and throughout, and respond in a godlier way.

I am excited for new today. New people I’m meeting, new things I’m learning, new opportunities to vet, and new initiatives I’m incorporating. I have a healthy ratio of routine and growth.

Operation Christmas Child 2018

It’s time again to start planning for Operation Christmas Child – our annual family commitment to serving our poorest brothers and sisters around the globe with needed supplies and toys for their children.
You can read background on our initiative, here.
Christmas isn’t coming for seven more months; but for those who have volunteered in the past and/or know about this initiative – a lot of fundraising, supply gathering (we’ve lost our garage to this cause, lol!), box assembling, and shipping logistics to hard-to-reach countries need to start NOW! And having holiday spirit early isn’t such a bad thing =)
We’d love your help making global and long-term impact for Operation Christmas Child this year in two ways:
1. You can make 100% tax-deductible donations to us (most preferred, since we can get better deals with bulk/wholesale purchasing); and
2. Time (we’ve learned over the years that doing this selfless work as a family builds stronger bonds and teaches our kids to think of others).
With your help, we will be buying and processing hygiene items (toothbrushes, towels, socks, etc.) and toys (pencils, pens, notepads, crayons, tinker items like Legos and dolls) for 2,400 kids from villages around the world that don’t have access to education and amenities (things we take for granted) due of violence, politics, poverty, inaccessibility, or just plain neglect.
2,400 kids and their families will not feel alone or forgotten, but be shown love; they will have a chance at experiencing joy; and hopefully they will be inspired and empowered to pay it forward and use our gesture as a means to propel their communities upward. This is what you can make happen!
You can gather some background on this initiative here:
You can donate/tithe funds in a few ways:
1. PREFERRED – Sending an electronic payment to Venmo (@shaftfoundation) or Chase QuickPay (
2. Writing a check or sending a BillPay to SHAFT Foundation, Inc. (please email me at for details)
3. Depositing funds directly into to our bank account at Chase Bank – Our account number is 136626535 and routing number is 322271627
4. If you are interested in a monthly donation/tithe, you can set it up on Chase QuickPay or BillPay (this is free, and we can give you instructions).
After you donate, please let us know so that we can make sure to send you a tax-deductible receipt and personally THANK YOU for the work you’re doing and the work you’re allowing us to do!
Please think about whether this is the right thing for your family; and please forward this to any one or company whom you think might want to participate as well. It’s all we ask; and we appreciate those two gestures!
Thank you for being supportive of this cause through the years; we’ve gone so far and the world has more hope because of you and will continue to do be so.
The TranDa Family (Paul, Christine, Deion, Ethan, and our dogs Bobby and Sugar Lucy)