That one time I skidded off the road in Steamboat Springs, CO. Thanks to the kindness of others, we were able to get back on track & go tubing with my kids!

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Speaking events. Ever since I discovered I was an introvert, I told myself a false and unhelpful story that I can’t do public speaking. And because of that, I’ve only conducted business one-on-one, and shot myself in the foot.

I got rid of that story, and it’s changed everything for me. Even though I’m a work in progress and it’s awkward for me still, the benefits and people I’ve served from doing talks have outweighed my fears by a landslide.

I’ve been doing events for universities, startup accelerators, coworking spaces, podcasts, and other business communities – and it’s allowed me to serve more people and have so much fun. 

I’m available to do speaking events to entrepreneurs and salespeople on a variety of topics (podcasts, too).

Contact me and let’s see whats possible!

Questions about sales, entrepreneurship & VSAs. If you have any questions related to these topics, contact me and ask away. I am happy to keep your name and company anonymous, but you must be okay that I may share your questions and my answers to the Sow What community, so that others can benefit.

I believe in the fact that “a rising tide floats all boats” and that we are better together.