Affirmations – 08.01.18

Today I am focused on the little things that seem (KEYWORD) insignificant, unimportant, and boring – because they make the biggest impact on the universe.

Today I am 20% knowledgeable and 80% ignorant. I have an insatiable need to know more; I drop the arrogance and ego that thinking “I know it all” enslaves; and I remember the countless innovations, breakthroughs, and life-changers that derived from being a little crazy, naive of risks, and disrespectful of the status quo.

Today I am focused on adding so much value – in my interactions and activities – that it has no choice but to overflow and loop back.


Affirmations – 07.09.18

Today I say no to all inputs and requests that do not honor my goals, or I am not passionate or obsessively curious about. Giving in to these temptations leads to regret, anger, frustration, unmet purpose and real work that NOT getting done, drained energy, compromised relationships, and unfairness to BOTH requestors well as my true stakeholders.

Today I am operating from a place of God’s love, wisdom, abundance, and strength.

Today I am building wealth for the purpose of giving God glory. To me, this means providing for my family – my first ministry – and others in need; tithing to build the Kingdom; and being a beacon of light to businesspeople and other workaholics like me who tend to put God to the side or forget Him completely. But today – no more.

Affirmations – 07.04.18

Today I operate out of love, power, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds me that I wasn’t given a spirit of fear or timidity; so I am detoxing those two unhelpful, unhealthy, and unnecessary characteristics that I wasn’t meant to house within me, and giving me the best chance possible of fulfilling my purpose.

Today I seek wisdom and discernment over knowledge, material possessions, worldly accomplishments, and comfort. King Solomon walked with the Lord and lived an incredible life because of it; and I crave that relationship and experience.

Today I am forgoing instant gratification – whether it be an impulse to check social media, eat unhealthy food, or other sabotaging tendencies. I eliminate the temptation completely, if I can; I deconstruct what is causing the temptation, and uproot it instead of put a bandaid on things; I offset it with healthier habits (taking a walk, taking a breather, reading my affirmations); and I remind myself of the long game.

What are you thinking for?

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.24.01 AM.png

“Thinking is no longer used for exploration but an ego-support device.” – Edward de Bono

Whoa – so profound.

I read this exactly a year ago in What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan. In addition, I recently listened to a podcast interview between Tim Ferriss and Adam Robinson that spoke of this same concept of “confirmation bias” – so I couldn’t ignore writing this.

This section reminds me to NOT make a conclusion first and then look for evidence to support it; but to think carefully of what’s truly going on, play out all potential future scenarios, and explore with pre-planned responses to events that will prevent me from being reactive.

Also – because I’ve had a string of some successes in the past, it’s made me more prone to to this toxic behavior of ignoring facts (there are failed companies I’ve started or been involved in), realities, other possibilities I didn’t know about or never would’ve considered, and not planning ahead for emergencies and changes in direction (which happen more often than not).

There is no room for ego, pride, and defense; only the truth and healthy responses.

Affirmations – 06.25.18

Today I am focused on getting real work done. I’m committed to only doing things that generate revenue or pursue passion; and I’m resisting the temptation of “business porn” (activities that make my companies look cool, and I THINK I need them, but truly don’t).

Today I am making decisions based on what could be – not what currently is. I see potential outcomes, because that’s what it takes to have vision and faith.

Today I am okay with handling multiple business lines. Where I was relentless before about focusing only one one or two things, I need to accept who I am wired to be and pursue many things that get me excited. Most millionaires have multiple streams of income, and denying variety is denying God’s many different talents, gifts, and interests. I am aware of the difference between passions and distractions.

Affirmations – 06.12.18

Today I take care of the Lord’s house before mine. I put God first and throughout everything I say and do. I find every opportunity to build His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. By doing this, I expect the harvest to be asymmetrical to my sowing, as it’s stated in the Book of Haggai.

Today I spend more time thinking of the right thing to do, more than simply doing things right. I value effectiveness over efficiency.

Today I respond to important emails and text messages – and I make sure they are truly important – with phone calls and voice messages. I am relentless about eliminating the administrative burden and missing context of written messages. I love writing, but I am aware of whether they are a tool or a crutch.

Affirmations – 06.07.18

Today I am jumping off the surface and going deep-sea diving into my work, my passions, my curiosities, and my thoughts. I’m sick of waddling in shallow waters and getting nowhere; and I have decided to be comfortable with the pressure, the unknowns, the loneliness, and dangers – real and perceived (and they’re mostly perceived) in the deep in order to find my true self, actually use the experiences and skills I’ve learned for these very moments, and finding treasure.

Today I steward God’s money in a way that honors Him, serves others, and builds His kingdom. I take inventory of my finances and eliminate unnecessary costs and make investments with asymmetrical risk.

Affirmations – 06.05.18

Today I spend a little longer stewing on mistakes and things that make me unhappy. Those who do not learn from their failures are doomed to repeat them; feeling a healthy dose of pain helps me appreciate things more and grow in compassion; oftentimes these moments preface life-changing events – if I’m aware; and knowing that these moments will happen again, reflecting on their causes will allow me to plan and re-execute them better next time.

Today I focus more on being loving, kind, and true at the core, the root, the base ingredients. Trying to just be good on the surface is fake, doesn’t last, and doesn’t allow me to effectively build the Kingdom.

Today I am not brainlessly performing all of my tasks, but taking a moment to ask: Is this the most important thing I need to be doing right now? Can I find a way to eliminate, automate, and/or delegate it? And if I can’t avoid it, can I find a way to multiply its effectiveness by 10 times? Because of this time invested, I am present and incredibly productive.

Devotional: Avoiding judgment

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned.” (Luke 6:37)

Mother Teresa said: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” I can only choose one of the two options – love or judgment – to occupy my heart.

If I don’t like the feeling of being judged, I need to stay away from judging others. And if I can only house my heart with one tenant – either love or judgement – I should decide on the one that makes God smile, inspires and encourages others, increases compassion, and gives me even more power the more I allow it to stay.

The other occupant doesn’t pay, stinks up the rest of my being, and drains me and others.

For me – I find myself having judgment issues when it comes to my kids (with my unreasonable expectations and lack of compassion) and politicians. If I know this about myself, I need to (1) stop listening to the news – as it’s information overload and negative all-around; and (2) ask myself how I could handle anything with my kids with God’s love.

Impossible to stop growing


I was walking along the streets of New York City not long ago and saw this skyscraper currently in being built.

I am marveled at how new construction can continue in one of the most crowded cities in the world; but this sight sends a wonderful message that regardless of where you are in life – maturity in age, profession, relationships, whatever…you can still make time for change, you can still grow, you can still build upon, you can still tear down and recreate.

If you’re thinking you’re too past your prime in starting a business, leaving your job, trying for different position, taking on a hobby, breaking up a comfortable but toxic relationship, starting a new and better one, reinvigorating your existing ones…I believe it’s just a mental prison with unlocked doors where you can leave at any time, and living in fear instead of love and the courage that comes with it.