For my professional background and current activities, you can check out and connect with me on LinkedIn. ┬áBut for the rest of my life…

I am:

  • A Christian who struggles but aspires to put Him first and do work that matters and lasts past this lifetime;
  • Married to my best friend and amazing creative, and someone who has allowed me to love again after my divorce;
  • An adopted husband to her two young boys;
  • Son of the best parents you could ever ask for – who raised me on little money but a wealth of love and principles;
  • Brother to an older brother and younger sister whom I love and want to build a stronger bond with;
  • Fanatical about the restaurant industry, franchising, sales, entrepreneurship, business models, finance, investing,┬ápersonal development, reading, writing, comedy, and ideas; and
  • Obsessed with traveling around the world.

And what’s this blog about? You can read “Starting Again” here for that.