“No matter what one does, regardless of failure or success, the experience is a form of success in itself” – Jack Ma; $48.2 billion founder of Alibaba

“You can’t learn from experiences you’re not having. You have to go and try $#!+” – Mike Vance; early mentor to Jack Welch and Steve Jobs, and right-hand man to Walt Disney

“Failure is the most information-dense data stream you’ll ever have.” – Tom Bilyeu; founder of billion-dollar Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory

But you need to start. There are things you just can’t possibly figure out on this side of taking action, despite all of the research, planning, and contingencies. That’s where vision, gut, courage, faith, and love kick in and fill the gaps. 

And if you fail? You just acquired a signal to strengthen your next steps. There is a high chance you won’t die (queue sarcasm) and you can recover. And you’ve failed ahead of every other fear-ridden overthinker that doesn’t take action.

That sounds like a win, still. 

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