From Wikipedia: He [Andy] was the third employeeand eventual third CEO of Intel, helping transform the company into the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors.

This quote is making me revisit all of the products, services, and processes across my restaurants, consulting firm, and that of my clients; and figuring out how to make each facet of my ecosystem not just resilient, but anti-fragile (one of my favorite articles, and super relevant right now). 

I think how of this pandemic has actually made our restaurants more profitable. Because there was no dining-in allowed, there was less staff needed to monitor the front of the house; and our food is already packaged for takeout and delivery.

I also think about how my VSAs have always worked remotely, and so there was no disruption in operations when employers and employees all around me had to figure out how to work from home. 

Knowing what you know now – and knowing that this isn’t the last downturn or other disruptive event – how are you building redundancies and infrastructure to not just survive, but thrive during these times?

How are you communicating to your clients that you’ve got them covered, regardless of what’s happening outside? 

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