I was invited to join a fireside chat last week, hosted by my dear friend, HR executive, and service provider William Chiem of Trinet.

Also joining me were co-hosts Keith Koo of Silicon Valley Insider and Lauren Dodson of Trinet. Awesome people, all around.

The audio version can be found on my podcast show, here.

WARNING: Bill was hosting from a cabin with choppy wifi, so the reception is a little off during the introduction; but hang in there and it’ll clear up.

Topics spanned my decade-plus long career in restaurant ownership, franchising, investing, and advising. I was encouraged to share:

  1. The thousands of restaurants I’ve sold around the world;
  2. A case study of how my team and I grew a small mom and pop chain to eventually go public; and
  3. Other milestones that could serve as a template for young companies.

It was so much fun, and the post-event feedback suggested that many aspiring restaurateurs, franchisees, and franchisors got a lot out of it. That made the decision to leave my introverted shell to speak, worthwhile lol!

Enjoy! And feedback is always welcome.

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