I’d like to thank Tom Ferry for returning me to affirmations. This, in addition to meditation, was one of the morning routines I was religious about for a year, but let go over time. I stopped, because I thought that reading the Bible was enough – but I forget that God speaks to me through other avenues as well, and I can manifest God through affirmations, too.

I also forgot how good it felt to do this exercise. Back to priming myself and insuring for a great day!

I actively break bad habits, and replace them with new, God-driven ones. I understand that success by heavenly, eternal standards (I’m not interested in short-term, flavor-of-the-day, worldly success) isn’t caused by big moments, but the result of letting God lead and from the things I do, say, and program into my mind and heart consistently every day.

I filter all phone calls, meetings, and projects first with God before deciding to jump in. I avoid all endeavors where God isn’t present, and am okay with waiting or going a different direction – and aspire Moses’ commitment to only go where He does. I don’t justify, I don’t rationalize, I don’t try to convince myself falsely; I just listen, observe, and obey.

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