According to, a traditional ROI (Return on Investment) is “a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.” It’s basically measuring the amount of return on a particular investment relative to the investment’s cost.

“Eternal ROI”, on the other hand, is counterculture (just like Jesus’ style). 100% of the investment decisions I make for His Kingdom has an infinite and positive return. So I can take comfort in that there is no wrong investment of resources if I am doing it in His name. No sunk costs, no regrets, no ponzi schemes, no greed, and no taxes nor fees that deteriorate the gains.

Whatever I am evaluating, it’s a no-brainer, guaranteed, secured, immediate, compounding, and paying dividends well past our lifetime.

Another advantage is that I just need to make the investment – take the action – and leave the outcome to God as the fund manager, as the steward, as the CEO/COO. We can trust Him; our eternity is secured; He knows the future; and He is not susceptible to greed and wrong decisions.

And some of the outcome may not be seen now, for a long time, on this side of Heaven, in this realm (remember, there are spiritual strongholds that we need to invest resources in breaking down), or even in ways we expect – but it makes massive impact regardless.

Some forms of ROI include abundance in blessing – material and non-material; people coming to know Christ; supernatural transformations in industries that I operate in and those adjacent to my line of work; and the senses of joy, peace, and purpose in all that I do.

So what are a few of these investments I can make in my company?

• Tithing

• Automating as many activities as I can so that I can tend to family as my first ministry; avoid worry; be present for clients; and create white space to think clearly, do deeper work, create better products and services, serve people more, and serve more people.

• Helping clients automate as many activities as possible for their benefit, too.

• Coaching and encouraging business owners and salespeople to sell more effectively so that they can serve and love more people.

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