You HAVE to listen to Pastor Steve Furtick’s message here.

Listening to this today was totally a God thing. With the exception of Daily Hope years ago, I never listen to Christian podcasts; nor am I subscribed to any. All of my podcasts are either comedy or business-related. But something came over me to look for Pastor Steven.

It’s crazy, because I didn’t even remember his name at that time and had to marinate on it for a bit before I found it. And I looked for “Elevation Church” and backed into it.

I would’ve normally given up at a little bit of resistance; and I was close to defaulting to my usual business episodes or music. But again – something came over me. And I’m glad I submitted. This morning was so enlightened and impactful.

Pastor Steve gave me a message that I believe You really wanted me to hear. Here are my takeaways.

It’s comforting that I know God wins at the end. I don’t have to know the details of how things go down – because that’s not for me to know; but I am encouraged to remember Who is writing my story, I know I am not alone, I have increased patience, and I can rejoice – even in the valleys, pits, outnumbered enemies, and other undesirable moments.

I can also be present, and not be so distracted – worrying about the future. God’s got me; so now I can just enjoy the purpose and ministry He’s placed in my path, and laugh at the obstacles that show up.

Sometimes, the devil puts decoys to thwart me from fighting the real enemy, and risks us fighting with someone whom we should be fighting for. Pastor Steve talked about how things could’ve ended differently, had a teenage David refused to go drop-off food for his brothers, not obeyed, and showed up for the mundane; had David continued to argue against his brother and not focus on the real issue at hand; had David relied on King Saul’s advice to wear his armor instead of using the protection God had provided for him; had David focused on what he didn’t have (formal training, army weapons, armor, etc.), versus what he did have (the power of God, a sling – which he knew how wield and kill lions, bears, and other powers that threatened his sheep).

Am I stuck in my own disfunction? When David came to visit his brothers, his brothers have been fighting and been taunted by Goliath for forty days. They were tired, discouraged, and paralyzed.

I need to be mindful of this, as I also feel debilitated by worries about finances, my comfort zone, video games and other toxic behaviors, and a groove that I’m not happy with. Time to break out. I think today’s little scuffle with Christine did the trick. Well, it better…

There are many other lessons taught in here, and I plan to listen to it again. Pastor Steve made the lesson so funny, fun, relevant, and impactful.

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