These are passages from the chapter that grab me, and notes.


“A business plan is only a piece of paper, and even the greatest business plan of all will prove worthless unless the people of a company buy into it…they will not accept it unless they both trust the leader’s judgment and understand that their efforts will be recognized and valued.”

“The only way to win the confidence of Starbucks’ employees was to be honest with them, to share my plans and excitement with them, and then to follow through and keep my word, delivering exactly what I promised – if not more. No one would follow me until I showed them with my own actions that my promises were not empty.

I would take time.”

“It was a stretch, and plenty of people told me it was impossible. But that was part of the appeal, for me and my for many other people at Starbucks. Defying conventional wisdom, achieving against the odds, offers a thrill that’s hard to top.”

“…we finally opted to take the Il Giornale name down from the espresso bars and replace it with Starbucks. Throughout the process, I knew I had to leave my ego at the door. I wanted everyone involved to make the best choice for the long-term value of the business and select the name that would best differentiate us from the competition.”

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