I’m grateful to have slept earlier than most days. Being sick and taking drowsy medication definitely had a hand in this. I woke up before 5a and was able to return to most of my morning routine, and it feels encouraging. I’m regaining mental and emotional strength; making better consumption and exercise decisions; experiencing joy and less stress, and exhibiting them, too; and being productive.

I’m grateful for the immediate resolve to take care of my health yesterday. I had gout and drove to Anaheim Urgent Care first thing in the morning. I was sneezing and congested last night, and took Emergen-C and NyQuil to address those symptoms. This morning I feel great on both fronts.

I’m grateful that You’ve given me so much guidance on how to live a life of obedience, servanthood, and overall Christlikeness. You’ve done this through constant reminders in the Bible (and You know I am stubborn and forgetful), and through the blessings and people all around me. It’s called me out and put me back on track; it’s helped me take better paths; and it’s helped me be a better husband, father, and businessperson.

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