Today, I am returning to basics. I am aware of how beneficial it is to sleep early and wake up with a large margin to: (i) carry out good morning habits; and (ii) go about my day with less stress, more focus, and better decision-making. I take that awareness to live my best life today; and conquer the temptations of staying up late for unworthy pursuits, unproductive work, running on empty before I sleeping by terms other than my own.

Today, I make better health choices. I refrain from eating carbs directly – as I get my adequate amounts already in my protein shakes, black coffee, and protein-focused meals. I stand up and walk when taking phone calls; and I incorporate a form of the Pomodoro Technique, where I get up after intervals of super focused work. I run with Sugar tonight; it gives me time with God, the cold Winter air feels invigorating, Sugar is happy, and I am burning calories.

Today, I am finding ways to help family, partners, clients, and everybody I come across win; and thinking of my own ambitions less. I understand that the benefits to myself are a natural byproduct of loving and serving others, and that God’s blessings are not based on results – but by the faith and obedience – and that is relieving. I remember how incredible it feels to give and elevate people.

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