Today I rejoice and am thankful in all circumstances. I understand that difficulties are opportunities to exhibit God’s love and grace; they are soil for building character; and that they happen to everyone – and the major difference in success and happiness is how I respond to them.

Today I am relentless about cutting out the excess fat – in my sugar and carb intake, and in my workload – only committing to purpose-driven, value-packed, and high-yield activities. A growing workload does not equal success; it communicates that I may not be prioritizing and DEAL-ing effectively; and that my focus on God, my family time, and my health are at-risk of being pushed to the side.

Today I am fearless in my decision-making. I need to consult with God and godly people; understand that the outcome has already been decided – God’s will always plays out; and for any fears of wrong decisions, most of them are never permanent nor catastrophic anyway, and that I can return/recalibrate.

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