Hi All,

Happy Monday to you all! Summer is cooling down (ish); kids are back at school (yay!); and Christmas is around the corner (WHAT?!). I hope this message finds you happy and healthy.

I wanted to let you know that we are close to “Operations Day” for “Operation Christmas Child”. Most people do their shoebox packing closer to Christmas, but because we do larger quantities than most groups (because of you!), and because we want to send them to really hard-to-reach villages/countries that often get neglected and/or people don’t even know exist…it takes more time for our shoeboxes to get inspected and shipped.
Operation Christmas Child has notified us that our pick-up date is September 22nd (Friday). That means all boxes must be packed and ready before then!
We are still short on funds needed to purchase all of the needed supplies, so this is our last-minute request for donations for this cause we care about so much. 
Any amount is appreciated, and 100% funds go to the supplies for our poorest families around the world.
You can do so through these three methods:
  1. Sending a Venmo to @shaftfoundation
  2. Sending through Zelle/QuickPay through Chase Bank or Wells Fargo, to shaft.foundation@gmail.com 
  3. Depositing funds directly into to our bank account at Chase Bank – Our account number is 136626535 and routing number is 322271627
That’s it for now. We’ll be communicating soon for when we’ll be actually putting these boxes together!
Thank you again, All. We appreciate everybody who has donated in the past/present; are praying for us; and are rolling up their sleeves to help.

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