Today I operate out of love, power, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds me that I wasn’t given a spirit of fear or timidity; so I am detoxing those two unhelpful, unhealthy, and unnecessary characteristics that I wasn’t meant to house within me, and giving me the best chance possible of fulfilling my purpose.

Today I seek wisdom and discernment over knowledge, material possessions, worldly accomplishments, and comfort. King Solomon walked with the Lord and lived an incredible life because of it; and I crave that relationship and experience.

Today I am forgoing instant gratification – whether it be an impulse to check social media, eat unhealthy food, or other sabotaging tendencies. I eliminate the temptation completely, if I can; I deconstruct what is causing the temptation, and uproot it instead of put a bandaid on things; I offset it with healthier habits (taking a walk, taking a breather, reading my affirmations); and I remind myself of the long game.

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