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“Thinking is no longer used for exploration but an ego-support device.” – Edward de Bono

Whoa – so profound.

I read this exactly a year ago in What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan. In addition, I recently listened to a podcast interview between Tim Ferriss and Adam Robinson that spoke of this same concept of “confirmation bias” – so I couldn’t ignore writing this.

This section reminds me to NOT make a conclusion first and then look for evidence to support it; but to think carefully of what’s truly going on, play out all potential future scenarios, and explore with pre-planned responses to events that will prevent me from being reactive.

Also – because I’ve had a string of some successes in the past, it’s made me more prone to to this toxic behavior of ignoring facts (there are failed companies I’ve started or been involved in), realities, other possibilities I didn’t know about or never would’ve considered, and not planning ahead for emergencies and changes in direction (which happen more often than not).

There is no room for ego, pride, and defense; only the truth and healthy responses.

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