Today I spend a little longer stewing on mistakes and things that make me unhappy. Those who do not learn from their failures are doomed to repeat them; feeling a healthy dose of pain helps me appreciate things more and grow in compassion; oftentimes these moments preface life-changing events – if I’m aware; and knowing that these moments will happen again, reflecting on their causes will allow me to plan and re-execute them better next time.

Today I focus more on being loving, kind, and true at the core, the root, the base ingredients. Trying to just be good on the surface is fake, doesn’t last, and doesn’t allow me to effectively build the Kingdom.

Today I am not brainlessly performing all of my tasks, but taking a moment to ask: Is this the most important thing I need to be doing right now? Can I find a way to eliminate, automate, and/or delegate it? And if I can’t avoid it, can I find a way to multiply its effectiveness by 10 times? Because of this time invested, I am present and incredibly productive.

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