It’s time again to start planning for Operation Christmas Child – our annual family commitment to serving our poorest brothers and sisters around the globe with needed supplies and toys for their children.
You can read background on our initiative, here.
Christmas isn’t coming for seven more months; but for those who have volunteered in the past and/or know about this initiative – a lot of fundraising, supply gathering (we’ve lost our garage to this cause, lol!), box assembling, and shipping logistics to hard-to-reach countries need to start NOW! And having holiday spirit early isn’t such a bad thing =)
We’d love your help making global and long-term impact for Operation Christmas Child this year in two ways:
1. You can make 100% tax-deductible donations to us (most preferred, since we can get better deals with bulk/wholesale purchasing); and
2. Time (we’ve learned over the years that doing this selfless work as a family builds stronger bonds and teaches our kids to think of others).
With your help, we will be buying and processing hygiene items (toothbrushes, towels, socks, etc.) and toys (pencils, pens, notepads, crayons, tinker items like Legos and dolls) for 2,400 kids from villages around the world that don’t have access to education and amenities (things we take for granted) due of violence, politics, poverty, inaccessibility, or just plain neglect.
2,400 kids and their families will not feel alone or forgotten, but be shown love; they will have a chance at experiencing joy; and hopefully they will be inspired and empowered to pay it forward and use our gesture as a means to propel their communities upward. This is what you can make happen!
You can gather some background on this initiative here:
You can donate/tithe funds in a few ways:
1. PREFERRED – Sending an electronic payment to Venmo (@shaftfoundation) or Chase QuickPay (
2. Writing a check or sending a BillPay to SHAFT Foundation, Inc. (please email me at for details)
3. Depositing funds directly into to our bank account at Chase Bank – Our account number is 136626535 and routing number is 322271627
4. If you are interested in a monthly donation/tithe, you can set it up on Chase QuickPay or BillPay (this is free, and we can give you instructions).
After you donate, please let us know so that we can make sure to send you a tax-deductible receipt and personally THANK YOU for the work you’re doing and the work you’re allowing us to do!
Please think about whether this is the right thing for your family; and please forward this to any one or company whom you think might want to participate as well. It’s all we ask; and we appreciate those two gestures!
Thank you for being supportive of this cause through the years; we’ve gone so far and the world has more hope because of you and will continue to do be so.
The TranDa Family (Paul, Christine, Deion, Ethan, and our dogs Bobby and Sugar Lucy)

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