Today I am aware of, and maximize, my self-talk. Before, after, and in between batches of work sessions – especially boring or challenging peaks and valleys – I remind myself that I’ll be super proud of my self when I think smart, push hard, give it 110%, see how this contributes to long-term success, and see my tasks to completion. I also utilize fear in my favor, and warn myself of how impacted my schedule will be, how it would suck not to reach my goals, and how the world would be missing out on my important work.

Today I embody the fruit of the spirit – self-control; joy; love; gentleness; peace; faithfulness; generosity; patience; and kindness – in all that I do.

Today I crank up the sensitivity radar to hear what God wants to say to me. He is whispering; He speaks through the people I interact with today; and He reveals messages through my circumstances. And with that knowledge, I am minimizing busyness, I am careful about what I work on, I consult with Him before, after, and throughout.

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