Today I do not worry about anything. Instead, I will pray about everything and thank the Lord for all that He has done and will continue to do. 92% of my worries never happen or are inconsequential; 8% of my legitimate fears don’t require the debilitating and unhelpful act of worrying; worry cannibalizes 100% of my joy, mind, effectiveness; and focusing on God has a success and effectiveness rate of 100%.

Today I am not focused on what I SHOULD be doing, but what I am obsessed with – either by God’s inspiration, what I know about myself, and what God places in front of me today without feeling pushed.

Today I am mindful of my self-talk. I’m not concerned with technique and visible effort, but my psychology. I can easily fall into the trap of “I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, it’s not time yet, I don’t have the resources, etc.” when pursuing things I am called to do but are afraid of. But I am replacing those thoughts with reminders that I am operating out of His power and resources; the size of my God is much larger than all of my fears combined; and the most important, transformative moments in my life were always on the other side of stepping out in faith.

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