Today I pursue doing the right things and doing all things in love – in my interactions with other people, and with myself. This includes giving more value than I can capture at work – regardless of whether or not I benefit directly; being patient, kind, disciplining, present, and encouraging to my kids; helping my wife without complaining, and supporting all of her endeavors in self-care and business; and sleeping adequately tonight, exercising, living with integrity, eliminating self-imposed fears and stress, and doing what You built me to do.

Today I am focused on attacking the core of problems and opportunities, and not being distracted or misled into quick fixes, reactively addressing only what I can see, putting bandaids on wounds, or nurturing things on shallow/unhealthy ground. I am thoughtful and serious about change from the inside out.

Today I am refraining from sending emails until I ask myself if I truly need to respond to it, if I can make a phone call to solve this, and if I respond in a way that eliminates ever having to deal with it ever again – in that order.

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