Today I am taking steps to scratch nagging itches. I am sharing my ideas with others, I am asking for help, I am researching, and I am taking action. I am no longer making excuses for being too busy, scared, and inexperienced; and I am no longer ignoring what God has been nudging at me to do.

Today I am stopping whatever else I’m doing because it isn’t actually work, and doing the work I know I’m supposed to do. I am micromanaging all of my activities to ensure they are either serving the Kingdom, or they are no longer existent in my daily routine.

Today I am showing care in my health, my relationships, and all of my companies, and helping them grow just a bit more. I am running tonight; I am spending time with Ethan during Deion’s baseball game and my wife after the kids go to bed; I am securing financing for another Halal Guys store; I am furthering construction on my Cauldron store; I am adding more value in my existing consulting clients; I am reaching out to another potential client; and I am looking for more donors for my nonprofit.

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