Today I apply a strategy of generosity. I am more focused on spreading encouraging, effective, and transformative ideas, opportunities, and advice – as opposed to hiding them in selfish secrecy, being too busy to share them, and/or having to monetizing them. I am not tied to the outcome of these efforts; and I am expecting to be surprised by what I get in return from being helpful.

Today I do not skim on my relationships. I am fully present in my meetings and interactions with my family when I get home. I will not rush conversations but delve into them further – asking questions, showing interest, and doing things I normally would be too busy to do. I am aware of the fact that busy work and technology prevent real connections; and I combat that by putting my phone, iPad, and laptop away. I combat that by creating margin in my schedule so that I’m not thinking of what’s next and if I’m behind. I combat that by remembering that relationships are part of God’s greatest commandment – there is no command greater than tending to love.

Today I am aware of my passions and curiosities – and I am pursuing them; I am aware of my inexperiences and fears – and I am pushing through them; I am aware of my safety nets – and I am leaving them. I want to live for something bigger than myself; I am going off of God’s power and experience – not my own; and I am in the midst of a breakthrough – so I should get out of my way and let it happen.

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