I dare to do what I’ve been putting off, what I fear, and what sets my soul on fire. I’m not tied to the outcome, since that’s up to God and all that’s required of me is to show up and do my best, and sometimes the results lead to something even better than what I would’ve never planned myself; fear is usually a sign that I’m about to do something life-lifechanging; I can only win or learn in these moments; and inspiration is usually how God calls me, and I should answer.

I live a life that shows grace. I’ve been loved and forgiven, so I should love and forgive others. I’ve been given talented abilities and an important life purpose, and I should help others uncover, strengthen, and pursue theirs. I’ve been blessed with unmerited possessions, and I should be a godly steward over those things.

I communicate constructive criticism and advice with truth, love, and kindness; and I eliminate ego when receiving criticism and truth in return.

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