I scout out, explore, and claim new territories that are aligned with my calling today. I am aware that I will be faced with distractions, uncertainty, failures, impossible odds, lack of experience nor wisdom, and feelings of inadequacy; but I am equipped with countless success stories in the business world and the Bible that are similar to my trials; courage in the face of fear; faith that can move mountains or take out entire armies; support from those who love me; and God’s power and guidance. It’s already a done deal.

I embody patience and humility today. I don’t have all of the answers and I refrain from responding from fear of seeming ignorant or incapable. I am comfortable and happy with “I don’t know;” I’m only trying to please an audience of One – Who doesn’t expect me to have it all together, and in fact prefers that I don’t; and I don’t get sucked into the world’s stupid standards.

I am aware of the temptation to compare myself to others’ wins or exciting activities; and I replace that trap with focus on gratitude for what I have in my life, and a reminder that I have my own path, calling, and definition of success in my life. Jealousy, keeping up with others, trying to outdo others, and the like are simply toxic and prevent the eternally important work that God has commissioned me to do and that only I can do.

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