I am focused on fortifying my existing businesses today. I always leave a large margin for new opportunities that the Lord calls me to explore, experiment, and execute; but in addition to their exciting (and eternally effective) mission to spread the Good News in new frontiers, Paul and Barnabas also spent time strengthening their current strongholds, and that’s what I incorporate as well. I am focused on ways to strengthen my partners and vendors; my chain of restaurants; my existing consulting clients; my investors; and my nonprofit initiatives.

I am not tempted by building my house higher today, but by strengthening its foundations.

I dedicate a large margin of my day today to the Lord. I am grateful for the ability to take initiative and work long hours – and they may translate into success for the Kingdom and by the world’s standards. But how I also define success is how closely and often I walk with my Heavenly Father. And part of that is continuing in my mission to read the Bible in a year – because there are so many blessings, promises, and wisdom contained in the Word that I’m missing out on; consult with Him first and often throughout all of my activities; and fasting and being still so that I can hear Him speak and watch Him work.

They say you can tell what’s important to a person by observing how they spend their time; let me prove that God is the most critical thing in my life.

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