I am letting God direct my life completely. I’m leaving a large margin in my day in order to be sensitive, stress-free, open, and fully accommodating to what You want me to do. I am loving my wife and kids more. I am more kind to people along my travels today. And I will take away my filters of ego, pride, judgment, opinion, and experience to whatever I am exposed to today – internally and externally.

I incorporate an uncompromising balance between modeling and loving other peoples’ successes, and staying true to God’s definition of prosperity in my life. Inspiration from books, videos, speeches, and conversations are healthy when consumed in moderation; but they become toxic when they eclipse my own story – my own identity – and lead me into the territories of obsession and dependency. I am grateful for positive predecessors that paved the way, and I am focused on seeking my own voice, purpose, self, and definition of success.

I am focused on authenticity. I am preventative of untrue statements that come out of my mouth, and I am not afraid to correct myself when it does happen. I am comfortable with the phrases “I don’t know;” “I struggle with that, too;” “I made a mistake.” I care more about being true down to the depths of my soul than what others think.

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