I channel all of my energy on fighting today’s battles only. I don’t dwell on the past nor the future; they only rob me of being present. There are enough wins to gain, celebrate, and enjoy as well as enough challenges to learn from and overcome – just in these 24 hours alone – that will require me at max capacity. God will only equip me with the grace and strength needed for that day – hence his “daily bread” in the Lord’s prayer – so I will not save my energy for an elusive future and exhaust it today, and have faith that tomorrow will have its own provision.

I respond kindly in all interactions – especially in ones I normally don’t give much thought to, and when I’m being attacked or irritated. Proverbs states that doing so avoids wrath; but I also believe that all people deserve to be shown love, it’s a ministry to leave people happier than before they met me, and it opens the doors to new relationships and opportunities.

I am authentic. I don’t pretend that all is okay when things aren’t, and I allow myself to express feelings that I normally contain. Being authentic helps me learn about myself; it allows me to build stronger bonds with others who are in pain or in joy; and it makes me feel truly alive. I crave that sense.

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