I am forgoing well-paying projects in exchange for ones that give me valuable experiences, bigger challenges, immense joy, and builds my courage. Money comes and goes, but impact and purpose send ripples past my own sphere and lifetime, and that’s what matters.

I have what it takes. I don’t let current circumstances, human limitations, temporary setbacks, and worldly falsehoods trick me into thinking otherwise. I am made in God’s image, I have unlimited power in Christ, and all works out well for the good.

I make healthy decisions in my eating and exercise regimen today. I have the long-game in mind – and know that since I’m eating ramen with a good family friend today, I am going to do no carbs all day to; I am going to do resistance training tonight with kettlebells and push-ups; and I am keeping myself sustained with activities and high-protein snacks to offset it.

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