I am loving and serving right where I am. I don’t have to have all of the answers nor all of the necessary resources to do deep, great work and to show kindness to people. I refuse to wait for “perfect conditions,” “all the facts,” “when I have enough time/money,” “a sign,” and “right after I…” – most of which are false, distractions, and a waste of the gift of NOW.

I am less focused on drive and more aware of what is driving me today. Society likes to glorify someone who is “driven” but forget that addiction; crimes like theft and murder; and fear are committed by driven people as well. I am slowing down, reversing, and making sure that the “gas” in my tank is an inner calling, a love of God, and a love for others before I put my pedal to the metal.

I am a son, today. I tend to be quite busy as a father figure – one who works hard, who provides for the family, and has to be a good role model. But today, I look to my heavenly Father for rest, wisdom, direction, and provision; and get to be a son again – I can trust and depend on Him; I am fearless; I am curious and playful; I am not stressed out, and put problems on God to handle; and I am carried through today’s troubles.

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