Today my validation is already settled from within – from my Father who created me in His image, has given me His power, and gave me purpose long before I was even born. I do not need it from people, from possessions, and from accomplishments. They are temporary, distracting, idols, and inaccurate; and cannot be relied upon to draw strength, identity, and calling like depending on You does.

Today I am am aware of the things I AM NOT – in hopes of shaving them off and getting closer to finding who I truly am. I don’t resort to denial, feeling comfortable, wanting to finish things off, or justifying what I’m not meant to be or do. I quit them immediately and replace them with what I know I am, and/or feeling comfortable with the white space until my purpose and my DNA kick in. This may involve uncomfortable conversations; strained relationships; loss of comfort, identity, or income; but it’s the long and authentic game I am shooting for.

Today I am going to reach out to people with the agenda of loving them, complimenting them, encouraging them, giving them value, and finding ways that I can help them achieve their goals. There will be no other ulterior motive but to leave them better than before my interaction. I am a light.

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