I exhibit outsized courage today, because it correlates to my life’s limits. Being fearless or an expert are NOT requirements to being successful; but being daring s. I am aware of what I know I need to do, of what I am passionate about, of what I am insecure about, that paralysis is caused by over-analysis, faith is the theme of God’s purpose for my life, and that one step is all it takes…and I take it.

I plug into God’s power today – not my own. My energy is not very strong and doesn’t last, and can only power small, limiting projects; whereas my Creator’s powers the world and beyond that, and lasts forever. I swallow my pride, accept my bandwidth, and decide to borrow from the incredible energy source made available to me.

I help as many people as I can today – because Jesus died for everybody, and because the best way to make a million dollars is to help a million people. There are no downsides to serving others with love.

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