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What a novel, uncomfortable, and hard-to-believe concept. That I don’t need to stress out, throw off priorities, ruin relationships or health, or over-work to produce desired results.

All you need to do is be obedient.

Another sub-concept to consider is to eliminate “desired” from “desired results.” I can desire all I want, but if it’s not healthy, right, or even in my cards…I only set my own self up for disappointment, bitterness, anger, an unenjoyable journey [Because it’s not just about the destination; it’s about being present, too -right?], and overall – a negative story or belief that doesn’t help you.

Because a large part of the end result is out of our control…how about I stop trying to control what can’t be controlled, and just leave the outcome to God?

I can already start seeing the benefits of this philosophy.

I wouldn’t be susceptible to doing unethical, questionable things.

I wouldn’t get it mixed up – where most LOVE money and USE people, I USE money and LOVE people.

I would be present and mindful in everything I do.

I would be a positive role model to my kids and others who I impact.

I would be healthier and have a better quality of life.

I would be doing more of the things I love – like read, write, try new things, build things that matter.

I would be more patient.

I would spend less time adjusting from expectations to reality.

I would learn more.

I would receive exactly what I need at any given time.

I would be happy with what I have.

I would be full of joy with everything that happens to me.

I’m not an economist, but little input for infinite ROI is asymmetrical risk in my favor and makes the most sense; and I’d be crazy not to invest in obedience and openness.

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