I am serious and committed to my business today. I only play where I am passionate, control my investments, and can leverage my experience and influence. The rest of my activities can go to the backseat if necessary, or exit. I am uncompromising today.

I am creative. I no longer joke nor spend time explaining to people how uncreative I am. God is a Creator and made me in His image, so I truly am full of ideas to serve people better and make the world better; they are just waiting to be unlocked, and they no longer have to wait. I think differently today in all aspects and create fertile soil for breakthroughs, inspirations, new opportunities, and performing miracles for those I serve.

I am not only thankful for my current opportunities and accomplishments – and those ahead of me – but I am also grateful for all that God has done for me in the past. I am humbled by these miracles, empowered from these experiences, and encouraged by these past difficulties that couldn’t last longer than God’s strength.

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