I am more than enough. I remove all of my insecurities, false and unhelpful stories, worries, and excuses – all of which are based on my own capabilities and not God’s – where my mindset and heartset should be; don’t serve my aspirations to love and serve people; and they do not prove that God is in my life. I am making more RAM available for God to speak and work through me, and I expect optimal performance and miracle outputs.

I am focused on creating landslide win/win situations for all of my interactions today – because mere win/win situations are easy when you’re a pushover, when you’re lazy, when you compromise yourself, and when you are human. I am here to do work that stems from the soul, be different, be inspiring, be loving, and be priceless in the value I give to others.

Not only do I create global-sized winning situations and value for myself and others, I also put them into action TODAY. Not tomorrow, not when things are perfect, and not waiting for others to validate them. Even if it’s a small baby step or crawl – it will be done today. Today is all I have and can control, if at all, and I will do what I can; and not let any noise (responding to emails, social media, invitations that don’t align with my goals, etc.) blue the signal.

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