I am sensitive to what God wants me to do. My radar is clear and defrosted from busyness (provision and calling are based on obedience; not over-working); and I am picking up on things I normally: take for granted, don’t give a second thought to, think are unrelated, see as an annoying interruption. I am aware; present; thankful; seeking Him and His wisdom; comfortable with waiting on Him; filtering all impulses through the Bible and prayer; seeing every stimuli – from apps, books, conversations, and mundane – as a channel for His voice; and only working on-purpose.

I am not fearless, but I fear less. I see into the future and know for a fact that failure is not the opposite of success but usually a prerequisite; I can survive 99.99% of failures; failure breaks existing muscles to build stronger ones; most fears don’t even ever happen, and are a figment of my dramatic imagination; and I am guaranteed to learn the secret for inevitable success if I don’t give up.

I am supportive and encouraging of all of my loved ones’ endeavors. I cheer on, I give advice, I make connections, and I do everything possible for their successes without expecting anything in return. The smile on their face and the fire in their bellies are enough to penetrate through any monetary compensation and overflow my soul.

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