I am: forgiven, given a clean slate, secured for eternity, and put here with a purpose that only I can carry out – and I think, behave, and act that way. I forgive others; I provide second, third, and infinite chances; I give God 110% of the glory and am proud of what He’s done in my life; and I am a platform for others to fulfill their calling.

I welcome chaos and obstacles, because they are necessary for success. They are the gross-tasting raw eggs and flour that mix in with the sweet ingredients to bake a delicious cake; they are learning opportunities; they make me humble and dependent on God’s infinite power over my human bandwidth; and they make winning more enjoyable.

My goals are massive, because I know that even if I fail – my failure will fall above others’ successes – as James Cameron famously said. I do the goals I am scared of, anyway; I do goals that exhilarate me – because that’s a good signal of purpose and calling; and I do goals that serve the Lord and others well past my own lifetime.

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