I am worthy of love today. This sense of value is not based on anything I do, have done, plan to do. It’s not based on where I live, nor is it based on what I even think. It’s based on the fact that God wanted me to exist, and that Jesus loved me so much he died so that I could have life. It’s not a privilege, but a right; and I need to live and treat others accordingly.

I am a loving parent. I am a model for my kids, and I want to teach them integrity, doing the right thing, serving others, and loving others – and the best way to impart this wisdom is not to tell them, but to show them. Kids won’t listen to what we parents say, but they darn sure follow what we do. I do not let temporary circumstances – like when they make mistakes, break the rules, or fight with us…alter the permanent circumstances – that I love them, I care about them, I want to help them find themselves, and I want them to be a positive ripple in this world.

I am adventurous today in my work. I think about problems and opportunities differently, and experiment with them in hopes of being surprised, finding a better way, getting inspired, appreciating good habits already in place, and having a renewed sense of excitement in what I do. They can be small changes e.g., instead of emailing someone, I get on the phone with them; instead of saying “hi,” I could say “hey;” instead of working through my frustration with something, I can go for a walk and come back to tackle it at a different angle; etc…I can ask “what if” before every little thing I do, and try the hypothesis. There is no shortage of ways to look at what I do with fresh perspective.

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