I am obedient to You today, Lord. I no longer have the mindset that the Israelites had as slaves in Egypt – where they toiled away to gain little provision, and found comfort over calling. I am Your chosen people, I am free from that unproductive lifestyle, and I know that it’s obedience that makes things happen, that allows provision to overflow, and where my purposes are clear and focused on. I expect miracles to happen because of that simple dedication and act of faith, and because You are at work for me.

I practice great health habits today. I eat more food that gives me energy and burns fat; I take breaks to meditate and recharge; I take walks to keep blood flowing; I am carrying things correctly and knowing my real capacities when emptying the garage today; and I am breathing and laughing a lot. I am aware of my gout, my older age, and that my kids model everything I do. I am a great steward over the body You have given me and house Yourself in.

2 thoughts on “Affirmations – 03.15.18

    1. Hi Chang – thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I follow you on Instagram and am also inspired by what you do as a chef, man! Because I only know the business side of food, I admire and appreciate more your ability to create food that people love, are delighted by, and builds bridges between us humans. It’s the real social media lol!


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