I take Matthew 13 to heart and sow seeds only in good, fertile soil. I am careful not to let any fall along the path, on the rocks, or in the thorns – and if any do, I need to be serious about picking them up and putting them in the right place. I want ALL God’s Word to take root in my heart, body, and soul; I want it to guide and pacify me when I’m confused, brokenhearted, and angry; I want it to fuel and give purpose to the work I do; and I want it to keep me grateful for all that is given me.

I am careful not to be drowned by a sea of okay, good, guilted, and irrelevant projects. I am concerned only with ones that are great, make me say “hell-yes,” and help build the Kingdom. I am not seduced by the false sense of pride from busyness; working late hours to the cost of my health, loved ones, and growth are NOT how “it’s supposed to be;” I am strong in saying “no” to engagements that don’t serve the Lord and His goals for me; and I’m supposed to have and be comfortable with white space – to spend time with Him, reflect, explore more layers that He’s created in me, and work on my relationships.

I love people; am focused on encouraging them; and have more faith in them. I appreciate their differences to my own way of living because God loves variety; Jesus died for them like he did for me, too; and we all need each other. I am looking to be surprised and delighted by others.

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