I see EVERYTHING as a blessing today. My senses are heightened to the things I normally take for granted – sunlight, the fact that I’m breathing, my dog licking my face as an alarm clock, etc; and I’ve reframed interruptions, problems, uncertainties, and bad news with the question “How can I see these as gifts?”

I am only interested in the present and the next five minutes of my life. The future is ultimately in God’s hands, so it’s the best stewardship of time and energy to focus on the present. I don’t count chickens before they’ve hatched; I don’t stress out about what’s to happen; and I don’t try and get ahead of God’s plan. The present is called so for a reason, and I am using this unmerited gift to enjoy what’s given and serve others.

I am successful because I give more value than I capture. The best way to make a million dollars is to help ten million people.

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