I am aware that what I spend my time on most is what I care about the most, and I focus only on doing things that matter – building/strengthening relationships and making impact. All other tasks get delegated, automated, eliminated, and liberated. Being swamped is a choice, and isn’t correlated with doing important work.

I understand that having evening rituals is just as important as having morning rituals – which I have been successful at, and can implement to the other bookend of my day. I incorporate habits that rev curiosity, passion, positivity, good health, and are tasks outside of my normal work – because work is not my only dimension, should it even be the main one, either. These habits include sleeping early and adequately; reading fiction – because non-fiction personal development is checked off in the morning; writing or learning to write better; enjoying movies and shows; spending time with my wife and kids – with board games, conversations, and their projects; exercise; learning a new industry or business; and until I find a new hobby – maybe mentoring/coaching salespeople and entrepreneurs.

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