This was a quote by Brandon Stanton (of @humansofny fame) while I was reading “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss.

I believe and love this line. We are selfish, broken, limited in knowledge, reactive, prideful, and have mistaken identities – and those are blinders that get us into trouble when we try to make decisions on what’s best for us. Thank goodness that God (for me) and the universe save us when those decisions aren’t optimal, and redirect us.

We just need to eliminate ego and accept that we don’t know it all; and we need to leave clear space in our plans for better plans we haven’t thought of yet.

I thought I WANTED a corporate job. If I had finished my college degree in business marketing, I might’ve continued down that path into a miserable trap.

But life happened – I had an opportunity to open my very first restaurant – and it set me down this path I never saw coming.

I mean, food? I burn water, Guys!

I thought I WANTED to get married at 27 – that was my plan from college (and you know how wise you are then lol!) – and I achieved that goal.

But life happened – due to circumstances I had to file for divorce – and it made me realize I wasn’t mature enough yet, I had to deal with some damaging issues, I found God again in my life, it allowed me to travel the world afterward and find joy again, and it allowed me to meet and marry Christine, the one I’m supposed to be with.

The list goes on and on…what did you want that life loves you too much to have?

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