Today I eliminate all toxic, unhelpful, negative, unnecessary, and inefficient thoughts, words, and behaviors. I understand that even one drop of of these things can contaminate the rest of the progress and positive attributes I aspire to experience, exhibit, have, and be.

I am a loving father and husband. I put my wife first and honor her, because I love her to bits and pieces and want to show her with words and actions, and I want to be a model for my boys to grow up and treat women the the right way. I discern the balance between being a father who disciplines their kids out of love, protection, and equipping them for life; and one who shows compassion and grace through forgiveness, understanding that they’re kids, and telling them they are loved.

Reading Proverbs‬ ‭25:6-8‬ ‭NIV‬‬ today, I wait for God to call me for His work, to be promoted, to enjoy success, to steward Your resources. I know the difference between when to be still, and when to take initiative. I slow down – and avoid impulsiveness; I calm down – because being dramatic doens’t help and emotions lie; and I stay down – in the sense of humbleness and humility. Society likes to glorify action, ambition and taking matters into their own hands; but there is value – even eternal benefits – to pause and reflect in faith.

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